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    The Environmental Difference




    At AMJ Oil Men we are committed to helping make the world a better place and this is why everything we do is done to keep our environment clean and healthy.

    We commit to recycling all your used cooking oil into environmentally friendly stock feed, feeding your waste back to nature in the cleanest way possible.

    How Can You, Help Us, Help the Environment?

    The environment won’t be changed by the alternate governments or policies. It won’t be saved by huge and sweeping changes, or bold new technology. The environment will be saved by many people choosing to make small changes that all together add up to more power than any government wields.

    We have the power, we just need to make a choice, today – tomorrow – and the days after that.

    Choosing where to pour your waste oil may seem like a small decision, but linked within all other small decisions it amounts to real power. Are you going to choose to save the local environment?

    Or not?

    If you choose not to, how will you feel in later years looking at the damage that’s been done knowing that you could have made a different, but didn’t. And the only reason you didn’t was because it saved you thirty seconds to tip it down the drain.

    You know what’s right and what’s wrong – you just need to choose where you stand.



    NEVER pour oil down sinks or drains.

    This can cause blockages that can affect your own drainage systems, and the local Council ones too, increasing the costs that we all pay in taxes. But that’s not all, it also flows out through the drains into the local waters ways, killing and polluting your natural environment.

    Save oil, grease and meat fat for recycling in sealed containers.

    We provide specialised containers to store your waste oil, and we have sizes to suit any of your requirements, allowing you to easily and cleanly dispose of your waste oil.

    Every little thing helps or hurts and it takes very little of your time to to make a real difference.

    Contact us today to arrange for an oil collection or discuss your requirements for legal and approved collection bins.